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JSetL is a Java library that combines the object-oriented programming paradigm of Java with valuable concepts of CLP languages, such as logical variables, lists (possibly partially specified), unification, constraint solving, nondeterminism.


JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment framework) is a software framework that simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that complies with FIPA specifications and through a set of graphical tools that supports debugging and deployment.


The main objective of CASCOM (Context-Aware Business Application Service Co-ordination in Mobile Computing Environments, FP6-511632) is to implement, validate, and trial a value-added supportive infrastructure for Semantic Web based business application services across mobile and fixed networks.


The major goal of COLLABORATOR (COLLABORAtive fRAmework for remoTe and mObile useRs, IST-2000-20045) is to realize a distributed software environment that provides a shared workspace supporting the activities of virtual teams in a mobile environment.

AgentLink, AgentLink II & AgentLink III

AgentLink is the premier Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing funded by the European Commission.


LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform, IST-1999-10211) in one of the first attempts to bring agent technologies to mobile devices through the downsizing of JADE to resource constrained devices.

Agentcities.RTD & Agentcities.NET

Agentcities (IST-2000-28385) creates an open, dynamic service environment based on agent technology by supporting users wishing to deploy agent platforms and services that connect to an extensible Internet-based testbed.